Greenacre International School

Our Greenacre logo has received an enthusiastic response throughout the community. The refreshing colour of emerald greens, with an accent of warm yellow, creates a harmonious look to reflect the ethos of the school.

The imagery of the logo is strongly suggestive of the site location and depicts our passion for nature.

The three point pen above the shield symbolises the act of learning.
The book symbolises the knowledge the school holds and imparts.

Inside the shield are our local green mountains, these link to the global environment we need to protect. The sun and blue sky symbolise new beginnings and endless opportunities.

The stream is the water of life that will carry our students into an exciting future.

Finally we have our two supporters, the lion and the unicorn symbolising courage, strength, imagination and wonder.

Ready to register?

If you have any questions about the fees or the school, please contact us or read through our FAQ.
When you are ready to register, please read through the forms carefully, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and then pay us a visit.