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A very warm welcome to Greenacre International School’s website. We are so proud to have made so much progress to the school grounds in a relatively short time frame. This has been facilitated by its founders Dara Nagle, Lindsey Archbold and Viroj Junthong to help fill the void left by the recent closure of an International school in Lamai. The need for a school on the southern end of the island was shared to us by many parents in our local community. The founders also have a group of shareholders that are playing an active and essential role in supporting the school in reaching its long term vision.

Our school is made up of five main areas that include an Office, Foundation Stage, Primary, Secondary and Sports facilities. To make sure that all children’s curriculum needs are supported and enriched we have adapted each room to cater for each key stage. The school has been researching and consulting with staff, parents and the local community to ensure we are making the best decisions for all the children, families and school.

Greenacre's curriculum  is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The National Curriculum leads to IGCSE qualifications (at age 16) that are recognized and highly valued by colleges and universities around the world. Greenacre will complement the core and requirements of the National Curriculum with programmes  in Sport, Music, Creative Arts and Environmental Education. The teaching of a second language is also emphasised.

To facilitate high standards of education in primary we hire qualified teachers with a degree and PGCE qualification. This ensures outstanding teaching and allows rapid progress for all students of all abilities. Greenacre also employs teaching assistants who have previous experience within an International school environment.

Greenacre School provides students with excellent facilities and these are subject to on-going investment and improvement. Out of normal school hours, many of our facilities are available to hire to local community groups including the 25 metre swimming pool, Muay Thai gym and full size football pitch.

According to research, as our society continues to advance technologically, children find more reasons to stay inside instead of engaging in activities within the natural environment. As part of our environmental programme we envisage to use our school gardens as outdoor classrooms. This will help students to reconnect with the natural world and teach them valuable concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art and health.

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