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Environmental Education in the UK curriculum

Environmental Education is not only a key part of the curriculum at Greenacre International School, but it can also be an integral part of the UK Curriculum.

The following is an extract from 'The Environmental Curriculum' a fantastic handbook detailing the many opportunities for environmental education that exist within the UK curriculum.

The Environmental Curriculum

Environmental education helps to foster caring, responsible attitudes and inspires young people to take action in order to live more sustainably. It can also develop their sense of identity and pride in their local environment and community. It not only covers the natural world and ‘green’ issues, but also the ‘built’ environment.

There are three interrelated components of environmental education:

- Education IN the environment
Using children’s immediate surroundings and the wider world as a learning resource. This can be thought of as the ‘hands-on’ element.

- Education ABOUT the environment
Developing knowledge and understanding about the environment should begin with an awareness of the local environment and then extend to an understanding of global environmental issues.

- Education FOR the environment
The development of positive attitudes and behaviours towards the environment. This can only be effective if the other two elements are in place.

With children and young people spending less of their free time outdoors (due to issues such as technology and safety worries), environmental education in schools is more important than ever! The handbook highlights the opportunities for environmental education that can be found in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and the Primary National Curriculum in England.

Read the full pdf:


Produced by The UK National Association for Environmental Education

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