This picture was taken during the renovations, but it does show School's wonderfully green location!


Caring for the natural environment is one of our key ideals at Greenacre International School. We also have a wonderful location that will inspire our pupils to go out and learn about nature and how to take care of it.

Pupils will learn about caring for the global environment by first caring for the local environment. To do this, our pupils will learn in the environment and receive all the benefits that outside learning has to offer.

Our curriculum will be supported by these three interrelated components of Environmental Education:
Learning in the environment.
Learning about the environment.
Learning for the environment.

To help explain how this is done we have a webpage dedicated to incorporating Environmental Education into the UK Curriculum.

Our Benefits of Environmental Education page also gives a wonderful account of just how important this can be for your child’s education.

And what are we doing for the environment? Have a look at our Green School page to see our growing list of environmental care initiatives.


Environmentality? Did we make that word up?
No, it’s just a neologism we like the sound of.
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