The grounds of Greenacre International School


We are currently working hard creating classrooms and setting up our new facilities. Some are complete, some are being worked on and some are being prepared for installation.

Here is a progress report for the 18th of June 2018.

Building A
The reception, office and our first two classrooms are complete.

Building B
The rooms for the Art Studio, Classrooms, Library, Thai Room, Music Room and the Assembly Room are all complete.

Building C
The two Foundation Stage rooms and their covered play area are complete and in use.
The Foundation Stage Bathrooms are also complete and in use.
The waterfall in the Sensory Jungle now works, murals and toys are being prepared.

Building D
These will be the Secondary classrooms and are currently being renovated. The exteriors are ready, work on the interiors starts this week.

We are now renovating the canteen area.

A lot of work has been done on the grounds, with pathways, drainage, flowerbeds and a perimeter fence all being installed.
The front of the school has been re-designed for easy access to pick-up and drop-off your children.

Swimming Pool and Muay Thai Gym
The pipework and steel re-enforcement for the 25 metre swimming pool is complete.
The gym is now ready to have the ring and equipment installed.

Football acre
Our large lower area has been cleared for the full size football pitch.

Farm and garden
Also in the lower area, planting beds have been created with an area made ready for the chicken and duck pens.

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