Greenacre fee structure 2020-2021

Fees for our Foundation, Primary and Secondary year groups.
All prices are in Thai Baht.

Year groupPer termFull Year
FS 149,500148,500
FS 249,500148,500
10 - 11**
12 - 13**

**Please note that our aim is to expand and provide education for years 10 and 11, then for years 12 and 13.
This is so that we can start off by focusing on key stages 1 to 3, as our students progress the school will grow with them.
This is illustrated on our Growth Timeline.

Basic terms and conditions

1. Admissions Fee and Bond
A) The admissions fee is a onetime non - refundable payment of 5,000 Baht,
made in full at the time of registration.
B) The Bond is a onetime fee of 10,000 Baht that acts as financial security for the school,
and is refunded upon withdrawal of a student providing all fees have been cleared.

2. Sibling discount
Families with more than one child in attendance at the school are entitled to a discount,
as per the fee structure.
5% discount for a second child.
10% discount for a third and subsequent children.
Please note that these discounts are applied to your youngest children.

3. Uniforms, food and transport.
Please note that the fees stated do not include uniforms, food, or transport.

Uniforms cost between 700 and 850 baht per set for the main uniform and 400 or 450 baht per set of sportswear.
Details can be found on our uniforms page.

Our chef is designing a nutritious school menu for which there is a fixed price of 50 baht per day.

Minibuses will service Lamai (zone 1a, 10km), Nathon (zone 1b, 10km), Chaweng (zone 2, 20km), and Maenam (zone 3, 30km).

Although we do not have final prices at this time, we will keep the zone 2 price below 10,000 baht per term.

Full terms and conditions
Greenacre Terms and conditions

Ready to register?

If you have any questions about the fees or the school, please contact us or read through our FAQ.
When you are ready to register, please read through the forms carefully, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and then pay us a visit.