Greenacre Growth Timeline

We are initially opening for pupils in the Foundation Stage through to Year 8 in Key Stage 3.
This is so that we can focus on key stages 1 to 3, as our students progress the school will grow with them.

September 2018September 2019September 2020September 2021September 2022
Foundation StageFoundation StageFoundation StageFoundation StageFoundation Stage
Primary (Year 1 – 6)Primary (Year 1 – 6)Primary (Year 1 – 6)Primary (Year 1 – 6)Primary (Year 1 – 6)
Year 7Year 7Year 7Year 7Year 7
Year 8Year 8Year 8Year 8Year 8
Year 9Year 9Year 9Year 9
Year 10 (IGCSE)Year 10 (IGCSE)Year 10 (IGCSE)
Year 11 (IGCSE)Year 11 (IGCSE)
Vocational option

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