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The National Curriculum of England


Greenacre International School offers a well-rounded curriculum that closely follows The National Curriculum of England and we are a Pearson Edexcel Approved Examinations Centre.  

The curriculum offers our students a learning journey from the age of 3 years until 16 years. 

As students progress through each key stage they build their knowledge on a variety of subjects that help develop their confidence and academic levels. 

The National Curriculum of England provides clear progression paths for students. This together with our environmentality and ethos of gratitude we believe that Greenacre International School offers a learning journey that is both exceptional and student-focused. 

The National Curriculum of England is divided into 4 Key Stages that children are taken through during their school life depending on their age. 

The diagram below shows how this looks in simple terms.

Year Group Age Key Stage
Nursery 3-4 FS1
Reception 4-5 FS2
Year 1 5-6 KS1
Year 2 6-7
Year 3 7-8 KS2
Year 4 8-9
Year 5 9-10
Year 6 10-11
Year 7 11-12 KS3
Year 8 12-13
Year 9 13-14
Year 10 14-15 KS4
Year 11 15-16


I have several children at Greenacre of varying ages from nursery to senior. At every level both educationally and mentally they are supported. The communication between the school and parents is exceptional.
My family couldn’t be happier with the facilities and feel this is very much reflected that my children enjoy school and want to work hard.