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Here at Greenacre International School we are proud to offer a broad and stimulating UK based curriculum to all our children from the Early Years Foundation Stage, all the way through to Secondary educational programmes. 

Our UK based curriculum is firmly rooted in providing each child, at each stage in their development, with meaningful and innovative learning opportunities. We endeavor to provide learners with vibrant, creative learning environments that encourage, challenge and stimulate curiosity and independence.

When you choose a UK education, you join millions of international children around the world in opting for a respected learning pathway based on the English National Curriculum.

We are very proud to share that we are an officially certified Edexcel examination center since November 2020. Secondary children in the UK are assessed by exams at IGCSE and A level and regulated according to national standards to ensure learners have in-depth knowledge of each subject at each stage. 

Key Stage 3: Lower Secondary

Years 7-9 (Ages 12-14) In Key Stage 3, our Lower Secondary curriculum provides provision for 10 subjects including English, mathematics and science. Students are taught and assessed through the International Edexcel programme of study, following the National Curriculum of England.

We are careful in ensuring that there is a natural progression from primary education, helping to equip children with the knowledge and skills needed for the key stage 4 programmes that lead to formal qualifications.

To find out more please contact our admissions team to arrange a tour and personalised meeting with our Head to discuss your child’s future. 

Click here to view, The National Curriculum in England Key stages 3 and 4 Framework Document


Expectations and Challenge


At Greenacre we have high expectations of our students and aim to stretch our students to ensure they achieve their personal potential.  We encourage our students to develop their own opinions and ideas so they are well positioned for whatever they have planned for life after Greenacre.


We recognise the additional challenges for those students who have english as a second language and our experienced staff offer support to ensure that every student feels included and can develop essential language skills to enable them to engage fully in the curriculum. 


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