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our Vision becomes reality

We are so proud of our environmentally-friendly, foundation, primary and secondary green school, on its 7.5 rai natural campus in the south of Koh Samui.  


Founders Dara Nagle, Lindsey Archbold and Viroj Junthong acted on their vision of an innovative and outstanding school with holistic and nurturing principles at its core, after the closure of a nearby school  left a gaping hole in Koh Samui’s educational landscape.

Outdoor classrooms and the lush school gardens at Greenacre International School give its pupils a vast appreciation for the natural world, and how we humans can relate to it. 

As well as equipping children with all the academic and technical skills and attributes required to be a true leader, Greenacre International School demonstrates to its pupils how important it is that we find a way to advance in tandem with the Earth’s resources, without leaving a trail of devastation in our wake.

Maths, English, Science, Health and Arts all follow the required curriculum for a top flight education, but at Greenacre we make time also to instil a sense of gratitude and mindfulness, so often overlooked in other educational establishments.

Greenacre is the only International School on the southern tip of this lush island of Koh Samui.

With a competitive low priced island-wide bus service pupils can attend from across the island.

Our exclusive school is made up of five main areas including the administration building, Foundation Stage, Primary, Secondary and Sports facilities.

To ensure that all children’s curriculum needs are supported and enriched we have adapted each room to cater for each key stage. The school keeps up to date with research and consults with staff, parents, shareholders and the local community to ensure we are making the best decisions for all of our children, families and school community.