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Questions Parents Often Ask

What curriculum do you teach?

We will follow the National Curriculum of England. The English National curriculum provides a learning journey from the age of 3 to 18 years. The Early Years Foundation stage (age 3 years) is followed by four more key stages. Greenacre teachers use the English National curriculum that allows students to be equipped with the skills and specialist knowledge to thrive. 

At what age can my child start?

We can take children from 3 years old which is known as the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). 


What extra-curricular activities can my child take part in?

Extra – curricular activities are offered to students and most of them are free of charge. There are a range of clubs on offer each term ranging from sports to academia. There are some clubs available like swimming that will be charged for by outsourced specialists. Please see our after school club letter for more details.


Do you have insurance for the swimming pool?

Yes we have insurance that covers accidents inside and outside of the swimming pool areas.


What time does school start and finish?

Classes at Greenacre start after the flag ceremony at 8:45am and finish at 3pm for primary and 4pm for secondary students.


Will my child have homework?


Every day homework is given to students; For example in year 1 and 2 Monday is Maths, Tuesday is English, Wednesday is Theme based and Thursday is numeracy based. For more details please contact the class teacher. 


What are some ways I can help my child?

Greenacre encourages parents to read with their children at home. Research shows that five minutes of reading each day accelerates a child’s reading growth. 


Do you have transportation services?

Yes we have transport services from Big C Chaweng with pickup points en-route to the school. 


Do students wear a school uniform?

Yes, we have school uniforms for students from Early Years Foundation Stage up to secondary. There are separate uniforms for Physical Education (PE) and swimming. Please check the prices of our uniforms on the fees page.


Do you offer school lunches?

We have a canteen that offers lunch or your child can bring a packed lunch. The current school lunch cost is 50baht per child per day. 

Vegetarian and vegan options available daily. 

Our children have endured multiple schools across multiple countries. But the transition here was effortless. They don’t want to leave (not at day’s end, come the weekend, simply ever).

Greenacre is their favourite, hands down.