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wellbeing Of Students and Staff

Greenacre International School strives to develop a well rounded, nurturing approach to teaching and learning. We recognise the importance of building resilience in our students so that they are equipped with problem-solving and life-enhancing skills to assist them through their learning journey and wider life.


We use restorative practices that build each child’s accountability and encourages their sense of respect for themselves and others.

We practice gratitude and kindness in order to embody the principles of giving back and serving others.


Each student is unique and we believe that empowering each child to develop a sense of self worth, happiness, kindness and compassion not only develops their sense of belonging but gifts them the skills to strive to become the very best version of themselves.


We also  recognise the value of wellbeing for our school staff and the impact it can have on their engagement, teaching and sense of purpose.

Staff work extended school days and therefore we offer a weekly well-being session after school closes on a Friday, which consists of a meditation session. This offers staff that attend the opportunity to unwind after a busy week and focus solely on their personal wellbeing.